ASIC Design

Elitonix delivers services in the RF/analog-mixed signal solutions, specializing in high-speed SerDes, Optical Links, Timing Solution, and RF/mm-wave circuits. Our experienced team leverages cross-domain knowledge to design solutions from scratch or in collaboration with existing IPs using the different technology nodes. We offer technical guidance in evaluating and choosing the best solution to balance performance, power, and cost. Our team implements and recommends architectures and delivers it to you as an IP core for integration.
We work closely with our partners from concept to production to ensure seamless integration of the implemented IPs into the products and provide all supporting documentation and testing.

Design Services


  • High-speed PAM4 transceivers
  • Energy proportional, burst-mode
  • CDRs, Equalizers, Drivers, and VGAs
  • Ultra-low power die-to-die interconnects
  • Up-to 200Gb/s

Optical Interconnects

  • PAM4 TIAs, MZM-/MRM- drivers, and VGAs
  • High-sensitivity equalized optical receivers
  • Coherent linear TIAs and MZM-drivers
  • Up-to 200Gb/s/lambda, and beyond


  • Ultra-low jitter frequency synthesizers
  • Flexible timing and Fractional dividers
  • Low power and low frequency clocks
  • RC/XTAL Oscillators

RF/mm-Wave wireless

  • LNA, PAs, amplifiers, VGAs, and mixers
  • Up-/Down-converters and Beamformers
  • Passive/Active filters and attenuators
  • Covering frequencies from DC to 80 GHz, and beyond

Power Management

  • Low Drop-out Regulators
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Reference Circuits
  • Charge Pumps
  • Temperature Sensor

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